Selected private and public works done by commission

Montclair Shangri-La - Six artworks, 6 feet each made for the MC Hotel in Montclair NJ 2019
"Four Seasons” - 4 acrylic on canvas paintings commissioned for a private event in Chicago - 2018
Tree of Resolution
Circle Calendar Ram
Zura Yoga Studio
Tile Floor Design
Mirrored Book Snow Blue - open
Mixed media paintings on vellum drums for Burning Man
Shambala Commision
Apeksha Tryptich
Shema Rothenberg - DVD cover
Torah Ark #4 New York, 2009 Commissioned by SAR Jewish High school, Bronx NY
Shekinim A turquoise sculpture, a symbol of a trans-national being was created for a traveling exhibit and private collection - 2014
Bridging Pardes Work created for traveling exhibit. 30” x 24” Gouache, mixed media and 22 K gold leaf on wood panel - 2014
Four Mothers Who Entered Pardes installation
Megillah Scroll detail (click to enlarge)
Ketubah 2010
Kabbalah 1 by Siona Benjamin