Porcelain Tile Floor

Artwork for a 16 feet diameter porcelain tiled floor for CRC synagogue in St Louis, MO 2015

The exquisite art of Siona Benjamin has brought magic, meaning and prominence to our  Sukkat Shalom, our Shelter of Peace, in the city of St. Louis.  Her stunning Zodiac floor welcomes our diverse community and draws us together as it defies divisions and brings delight to the generations.  The parochet (ark curtain), Torah cover and Scroll of Esther continue to teach our congregation and  the larger community of the rich traditions that are seamlessly portrayed  in beauty and color and symbols that are unique to Siona’s art.

Rabbi Susan Talve, Central Reform Congregation, St. Louis, MO

Tile Floor Design
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The Zodiac Floor book

CRC The Zodiac Floor book available at Left Bank Books