Rachel & Rebecca Meet at the Well

Private Commission

Gouache and fluid acrylics, with 22K gold leaf on clay board.
36” x 48”  2021 
Artist: Siona Benjamin

Rachel & Rebecca Meet at the Wall

Rebecca and Rachel never met, now they do and rekindle old and forgotten stories…so much to catch up on!
Meeting at the well, they bless each other, the generations before and those to come, yes you are included.
A golden flower offered as a bridge to love and caring, take it…
Golden dust bestowed as a radiant blessing, absorb it…
Wrapped in the sari of her marriage to Jacob, green and gold bangles of my ancestors jangling.  Rachel hides her teraphim in the folds of her beautiful brocade.
Adorned with gold jewelry sent by Abraham for the future wife of his son Isaac, Rebecca flirts with faith and future…she knows she can change destiny.
Pomegranate trees bend heavy with fruit, the 613 in each of them ready to enlighten and enrich.
The Tikkun vessel arrives more water now, glued and joined together with all our efforts and perseverance.
Yup-Hey-Vav-Hey floats on puffy Persian clouds The Rosh Chodesh moon reflects radiantly in Rebecca’s face.
The Well of abundance enlivens and enriches. Patterns in the water, reveal the designs your future.
Jacob’s ladder climbing…
You were there and so was I, these mothers of ours, always present and always will be.

Process Pictures

Rachel & Rebecca at the Well
Rachel & Rebecca at the Well
Rachel & Rebecca at the Well
Rachel & Rebecca at the Well
Rachel & Rebecca Meet at the Well
Rachel & Rebecca Meet at the Well