Cross-Cultural and Large Scale Art Installations

Siona Benjamin’s experience both as a cross cultural artist and a student of theater make her uniquely qualified to create installations that connect with a diverse audience. In addition to her two Fulbright fellowships and MFA in painting, Siona earned a second MFA in theater set design. She is drawn to making large scale installations that draw upon her personal background and multicultural art.

Parachute lilith by Siona Benjamin
Lilith in the new world
Amistad - Siona Benjamin
Tupac Banner
Foreign Body 1
Lilith in the new world - CA show
Pantomime 1
Sephiroth 1
Liliths Lair and Other Stories of Deception Triptych
Rasa 1
My America, Blue face, Mixed Media 2001
Mandala Blue #1 10’ diameter Mixed Media 2004
Red Mandala
Four Mothers Who Entered Pardes Installation
My Magic Carpet detail

Siona’s blue dancers are her most popular works of installation and collaborative art. As an Indian-American-Jewish artist now living outside of New York City, she has partnered with dancers and choreographers around the world to bring her cross cultural art to life through dance. Other mixed media installations include Lilith in the New World; floor-to-ceiling installations…. and more.

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