• Exodus #5 15" x 9" gouache and mixed media on museum board on wood panel 2016 :: SOLD
  • Finding Home #87 "Lilith" 23" x 18" Gouache and mixed media on museum board 2008
  • Installation
  • Finding Home #79 (Fereshteh) “Ishq (Lilith)” 17” x 15” Gouache and 22K gold leaf on paper 2006 :: SOLD
  • Finding Home #75 (Fereshteh) “Lilith” 30” x 26” Gouache on wood panel 2005 :: SOLD
  • Multicultural Art | Tile Floor Design | Siona Benjamin
  • Finding Home #89 (Fereshteh) "Vashti" 7" x 10" Gouache and 22K gold leaf on paper 2006 :: SOLD
  • Improvisation Series #25 - in process

Transcultural Art in a Multicultural World

Siona Benjamin’s unique perspective as an Indian-American-Jewish artist has inspired her to create art that represents her transcultural and multicultural narrative. Often featuring blue characters, Siona’s work illuminates vibrant colors, cultural & religious symbols in various mediums to create works that have synergy and meaning.

Her art has been shown in galleries, museums & sacred spaces around the world. She was awarded two prestigious Fulbright Fellowships to explore the theme of multicultural art in Israel and India. She creates art installations, art commissions, and artworks for private and public spaces. As an artist & speaker, she shares her personal journey through live speaking engagements.

Learn more about Siona here.