Siona Benjamin is an Indian-Jewish-American speaker and artist. Her story crosses cultures, religions and nations.

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Siona Benjamin is an Indian Jewish artist who presents her global, boundary-stretching worldview through speaking engagements, workshops, dance collaboration and film. She offers a unique multicultural perspective that combines traditional and modern views of global art to explore culture, religion, artistic styles and more.  This viewpoint, along with her engaging presentations, makes her a dynamic and memorable artist speaker and presenter.

Benjamin grew up among Hindus and Muslims in India, but was steeped in the traditions of the Bene Israel Jews, while at the same time studying in Catholic and Zoroastrian schools. She eventually settled in the United States, which has infused her art with a complex look at identity. As a prominent artist and speaker, she’s contributed to a global discourse by sharing her personal journey while also extending far beyond Judaism and her Indian homeland.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Siona has addressed audiences worldwide with keynote speeches, film presentations, panel discussions, workshops, lectures and screenings of “Blue Like Me,” a documentary that highlights her story and Fulbright work in India. She deeply engages audiences and challenges conceptions about race, religion, culture, and identity through the power of art.

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Benjamin is often the featured speaker at colleges, conferences, museums and galleries.

She is also available for PowerPoint presentations and workshops for adults and students.

Topics include her personal cross-cultural journey as reflected in her art; her Fulbright work which touches upon her Indian Jewish heritage; and her transcultural blue characters which inspire connection among all human beings.

Siona Benjamin holds two MFAs, one in painting and another in theater set design. She received two Fulbright Fellowships, carried out in India and Israel.

Her art commissions vary from custom paintings for hotel lobbies to multicultural inspirations on drums. She lives near New York City and is available to travel.

Blue Like Me performer
Blue Like Me performers

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