Siona Benjamin’s art, much like her transcultural identity, crosses several cultural boundaries. By sharing her own journey, her multicultural art has made headlines in the news and even been made into a documentary film.

The New York Times, New York Jewish Week, and others have praised her work not just as a Jewish artist, but also as an artist who sees beyond cultures and who explores what brings us together. Her work as an artist speaker has cemented her status as one who can breathe life into conversations surrounding what cultural identity truly means.

One of the most notable references of her work is the documentary film Blue Like Me: The  Art of Siona Benjamin. The film follows Siona to India where she discusses and reflects on her first Fulbright project which focuses on cultural identity art, world religions, and more. The full film is available on Amazon. In addition, her work as an artist speaker has been represented in a diverse array of venues.

The Many Faces of Lilith

Jewish Womens Archive presentation

Jewish Womens Archive Presentation

University of Kansas Lecture

Clark Hulings Foundation event: Artist brand and Identity

Siona Benjamin presents for The Clark Hulings Foundation

Siona presents at Brooklyn Raga Massive

“In the artist studio” video by Montclair Art Museum

Siona Benjamin Participates in Open Studios

Siona Benjamin participates in Visual Artists Showcase

Exodus: I see Myself in You (interview)

Eli Talks: Midrash as the Stage for the Drama of Life

Installation of  Porcelain Tile Floor for Central Reform Congregation

Installation of “Lilith in the New World”

A portrait of Jewish-Indian artist Siona Benjamin

Jewish Indian Flavors

Faces: Weaving Indian Jewish Narratives

The New American Art



Siona and Dancers in Denver 2009

Jerusalem Biennale opening night

Selected Press Reviews

Siona’s art has also been featured in numerous publications. Her status as a cultural identity artist has led to coverage everywhere from national newspapers to art news websites to books and magazines to religion-based magazines.

Quote from a New York Times review:
“…And in a painting by Siona Benjamin — a highlight of the show — a mythical creature with a woman’s head and a lion’s body is crippled by feet in the shape of Mickey Mouse heads” review by Holland Cotter for exhibit “Femininity in Contemporary Asian Art” at The Lehmann College Art Gallery in 2002.

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