Medium: Mixed media and animation installation

Size: Variable according to space

Siona Benjamin 2024

Parachute Lilith by Siona Benjamin

I have made an animated video in a circular parachute like shape behind the sculpture of Lilith who has landed in a new country with her hands folded in prayer and humility. She is attached to the parachute with strings which symbolize the strings she is tied to…. her story of travel and mythology.

She has arrived and her history is behind her which she brings in with her as her memory. Immigrants carry that history and memory that cannot be erased. African Americans bring their history of slavery and racism, Indians bring colonialism and Jews bring antisemitism, Muslims bring stereotyping, Native Americans bring oppression and so on……the list is endless.

Based on Jewish Midrashic legends, the character Lilith is identified as the first Eve, who was created from the earth at the same time as Adam. She was unwilling to forgo her equality with Adam and demanded equality. Lilith has been called and has represented demons, indulgence, the serpent in the garden of Eden. Lilith has made a return in feminist history as an iconic symbol that represents the oppressed and an example of female strength, power and mystery. The character of Lilith attracted me as I think she is ideal in portraying the heroine in my work. Bringing her forth to today she becomes the woman targeted, the sacrificing mother, the mourning war widow, the brave woman soldier, the violated rape victim in war.

Siona Benjamin – 2023

Animation Video

Artwork and Storyboard: Siona Benjamin
Animation and Image Editing: Ariana Sediq & Makenna Dennis (work done during an internship from Montclair State University, NJ with Siona Benjamin) 
Song sung by: Smita Abbi
Song: “Yeh Honsla Kaise Jhuke” from Bollywood movie “Dor”
Sound Design: Gregory Wendt