The Art of Siona Benjamin


Eli Talks: Midrash as the Stage for the Drama of Life As seen at:

Jerusalem Biennale opening night talk and performance

Time Lapse Video of 15 Foot Diameter Porcelain Tile Floor for Central Reform Congregation in St Louis, Missouri

Installation of "Lilith in the New World" for the Stedman Gallery and Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts for their Fall 2012 exhibition "Ornament and Narrative". Time Lapse Video by Bill Haas

From "The Jewish Daily Forward: Painting Pictures of India's Jews."
Read more about this video here.

Faces: Weaving Indian Jewish Narratives

A documentary on Indian-American artist Siona Benjamin's journey
back to her roots. Learn more about this video here.

Mishra from gregory wendt on Vimeo.

Siona and Dancers in Denver 2009 from gregory wendt on Vimeo.

Luminosity from Morgan Lawson on Vimeo.