The Art of Siona Benjamin

Blue Like Me SionaWare


Siona is now creating shawls, jewelry, skirts and other garments with designs collaged from her paintings.


In Dharma, the quest for eternal life. In Artha, the meanings are all answered. The pursuit of karmic love, be it symbolic, be it manifested, be it in your heart for all times. Elephants in strength and abundance, you are the one to be chosen.

A sweet lamb, protected by the strength of her being. Be gentle and be strong, they said, and I listened. Lotuses comes with a price, but a risk worth taking. Birds and buffaloes, deer always so elegant, wrap me in their spell.

Vashti was caste out, now she looks in. In wonderland, bringing feasts and frolic within. Magic mirrors with fragrant trees, fresh and green, like a spring of breeze. Take it all or leave without it, choices have just begun better count it.

Oh LIlith of my dreams, come fly into my world. Your strength needs to be celebrated, for so long coming. Turban tied and patriotic in the Tikkun of the maroon of the color red.

Crossing great oceans, leading into freedom. Travel with her, tambourine and flower. Listen to her music, dance, rejoice. Bounty will come to you from beyond and from the trees tall over.

Astride a lion, giver of strength. Web of knowledge, essence of health. Red queens, but blue within, hasten now to untie the strings. Golden wings protect us all, wrap oneself in love so strong.

Source of the sun, moon goddess of my Arabia. Tree of paradise, greatness and fate. She existed from the beginning of the material world and forever more, may it be and so grow forth.

Night is pure velvet and she comes only in protection. Strong in her darkness, she will spew flowers in your steps and promises from within. Take not for granted, wrapped in ecstasy, my queen of the night.

Tziporah of her dreams, Safura was his wife. Gardens of the other, giver of my life. Plant a tree within, give a breath without. Love is forsaken, on this moonlit sky throughout.

Sara is the essence and sva that is self. Plenty of water and do not forget the eternal lotus flower within. Carry it with you my love, for it is the quest that leads you to your own self knowledge.

Gardens for plucking fruit, what can I get within. Trap and release your whim, greater things will begin. Precious flowers will bloom, you know that love’s reserve. And keep you in the ring, of abundance and conserve.

These shawls really wrap you up!

"Rachel'" left and above, & "Vashti" above, right.
Green velvet backing detail.   Shawls are 6 feet long.

"Miriam" is a wrap-around skirt made with silk. Collaged from many of Siona's paintings, this is wearable art. "Miriam" skirt is available now.