Classical Indian Dancers enact the paintings of Siona Benjamin

Artist Siona Benjamin has collaborated with classical Indian dancers Ishrat Hoque and Pranita Jain in a very special performance entitled:

Rang de Nila (Color Me Blue)

Siona Benjamin is a painter originally from Bombay, now living in the US. Her work reflects her background of being brought up Jewish in a predominantly Hindu and Muslim India. In her paintings she combines the imagery of her past with the role she plays in America today, making a mosaic inspired by both Indian miniature paintings and Sephardic icons. Siona Benjamin has collaborated with Ishrat Hoque, Pranita Jain and Dina Denis and they have created a special program in which the dancers will assume the roles of characters in Benjamin's work. Benjamin will speak about her work and the dancers will perform an original dance based on the shared experiences of the three self-described hybrid/transcultural artists. The performance has been choreographed to Indian/jazz/Hip-hop/Bollywood music.

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Special thanks to: Mike Peters Photography